About myself....
My name is Beate Rothon. I am a German who has lived in beautiful Cornwall for the since 1998. I have always been involved with dogs and during the past 5 years I have developed a special interest in German Shepherds. I own two GSDs, one is a bitch, Zenna, from a working line with roots to a German breeder and the other is her son, whom I would like to use as a stud dog in the future. To have Zena mated I travelled to the German Breeder, Horst Sitzmann, who owns the Arolser Holz kennels (www.arolser-holz.de) and used a stud dog from his breeding line to maintain the good lineage from Arolser Holz, a working dog line.

The well being of my dogs is always close to my heart, as is that of my family, and this is why I started to import into England the dog food that I have found to be the best for my dogs. It is a cold pressed dog food and is as near to natural ingredients as possible. Having made a good start, I hope that this excellent food will be soon available all over England.

I also try to cut down on the chemicals that we give to our dogs, and replace them with an alternative treatment whereever possible. I have had very good results with some homoeopathic treatments. For example, I used a homoeopathic worming treatment with great results for more than nine months. I had my dogs' stools checked and they proved to be free from parasites with no sign of worms or eggs, proving that the product is working very well. The appearance of my dogs speaks for itself - their shiny coat and healthy look have often been pointed out. All these results are backed up by quite a few other people who are already using these products, and by the kennel in Germany, where Horst Sitzmann treats all his dogs, young or old, in the same way.

I am now the official Markus-Muehle UK Representative. I and would like to tell you about these products through this web site, and hope to hear from you soon.

I also love taking pictures of animals - and also babies under water. If this latter is something you are interested in please have a look at my other web site, www.bubblepixels.co.uk.

Beate and Oscar
Beate and Oscar
Zenna and Oscar
Oscar and Zenna
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