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Markus Mühle

Close to Nature dog food.

I discovered this excellent German dog food whilst on a trip to Germany with my GSD bitch two years ago.

Zenna, my bitch, had always been a fussy eater and we had to change her food regularly, mixing appetisers with the kibbles to even get her eating in the first place. The last thing on my mind during a trip to Germany was changing her eating habits while travelling, but she decided otherwise. I have never looked back since, her coat is shiny, she eats well and she is very fit. This is why I soon became involved in promoting and now also selling this product in my area. I found people who had had the same problems with their dogs in the past and are now more than happy as a result of changing to Markus Mühle.

Markus Mühle is a product which was evolved to be as near to natural eating habits as possible. This is achieved through a unique process of cold pressing the ingredients. As in England, the manufacturer has to follow strict guide lines to assure good quality food. It is a complete Dog food, so all you need is a clean bowl of Markus Mühle and a bowl of fresh water. Markus Mühle is suitable for all dogs, old and young, small and large. The food pieces are good for chewing, which creats saliva which helps your dog to maintain a clean set of teeth.

Protein from poultry, deer, fish and eggs.
Free from bone meal.
Free from vegetable side products which are difficult to digest.
Free from GM products.
Free from artificial flavours and colouring.
Natural fibre for good digestion.
Free from inorganic minerals.

Markus Mühle dog food is available for collection only in North Cornwall.
Please e-mail me at: for prices.

For more information and full details please visit the Markus Mühle web site (English version), or . Please also read their philosophy page.

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